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Hitting children is wrong and the law should say so  –  This leaflet summarises CAU! Cymru’s campaign, the history of developments in Wales and the arguments behind a ban on smacking children.

Updates and Briefings

Outline response to Welsh Government Consultation on the Removal of the Defence of Reasonable Punishment (Document No.  WG33656)This outline response is intended as a guide for individuals or organisations who wish to respond to the Welsh Government’s legislative proposals. March 2018.

Equal Protection for Children: Removing the ‘reasonable punishment’ defence in relation to assaults on children in Wales – This briefing provides information and answers frequent questions on equal protection in the context of the Welsh Government’s consultation on proposals to remove the defense of reasonable punishment. February 2018.

Stage 1 Consultation on the general principles of the Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill  – This is the written evidence submitted by Children are Unbeatable! Cymru to the National Assembly for Wales’ Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee on the Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill, September 2013

International experience of introducing a ‘smacking ban’– This briefing sets out the impact that introducing a ban on smacking has had in a number of countries, including Sweden, Finland and New Zealand, November 2013

Section 58: Why it needs to go now – This briefing looks at Section 58 of the Children Act 2004 and highlights a number of reasons for its reform, November 2013

How would a ban on smacking work in practice – This briefing provides answers to many frequently asked questions about how a smacking ban would work in practice, Updated November 2013

Why Wales should ban smacking now International Human Rights pressure and the Rights of Children and Young Person’s (Wales) Measure – This briefing sets out the human rights obligations to prohibit all physical punishment of children, Updated September 2013

Welsh Labour Policy Consultation Debating positive parenting and the legal defence of the ‘reasonable punishment’ of children – This is ’Sdim Curo Plant!/Children are Unbeatable! Alliance Cymru contribution to this consultation, June 2013

Wales Devolution and Equal Protection– This briefing provides an outline of the developments that have taken place in Wales since 2002, June 2013

CAU! Cymru’s response to the Health and Social Services Committee Stage 1 Inquiry on the Social Services and Wellbeing Bill – It urges the Health and Social Care Committee to recommend in its Stage 1 Report that the necessary provision to remove the “reasonable punishment” defence should be included in the Bill.

CAU! Cymru’s response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on legislation to end violence against women and domestic abuse, February 2013. The response focuses on one crucial measure for combating domestic abuse – prohibiting and eliminating the physical punishment of children. It explains how the White Paper highlights the risk of harm for children who witness violence between adults, it fails to address the risk of harm for children who experience violence through physical punishment, despite the evidence that links it to domestic violence in adult life.

Child protection argument for a ban on smacking, September 2012, – This briefing, prepared by NSPCC Cymru/Wales for CAU! Cymru, sets out the child protection arguments for a ban on smacking.